• “Don’t stay home without it!”
  • Easy installation! Minimal tools to install – drill, bit, and screwdriver!
  • Made of Solid Aluminum with Anodized Finish!
  • Base plate height of 7/16″ Requires at least a 1/2″ clearance between bottom of door and the floor

Product Description

This “stand alone” home security devise increases the level of security at the most vulnerable and the most common burglary entrance point in a home, your front door! Most burglars simple kick the front door on the side where the door handle and deadbolt is located, knowing that most deadbolts are secured by a piece of common ¾”by 6” pine board. Pine is a “soft” wood and easy to split when pressure is applied in the direction of the grain of the pine, which is always in a vertical direction in the jamb frame. The NIGHTLOCK, which is secured to the floor, provides a powerful resistance to a front door that is being breached by a “kick-in”. When the deadbolt fails, the NIGHTLOCK will still be working to keep the intruder out of your home. THE BASE PLATE IS 7/16” TALL AND REQUIRES AT LEAST A ½” SPACE BETWEEN THE DOOR BOTTOM AND THE FLOOR (WHERE THE DOOR PASSES OVER THE NIGHTLOCK BASE).

Don’t stay home without it!